First build-infra push to jdk8 -- try out the new build system!

Fredrik Öhrström oehrstroem at
Sat Apr 21 07:10:05 UTC 2012

For the new build you have to explicitly choose release,fastdebug or slowdebug.
(--with-debug-level=release,fastdebug or slowdebug)
So you do not need to turn off fastdebug, it defaults to release.

As for the demos and samples. They compile so much faster that there is no
point in turning them off. 10 seconds on my workstation, and during
the incremental
they take no detectable time at all.

You probably want to do: --with-jvm-variants=server
when building on a 32bit machine since the default is client,server
(client,server,kernel on 32bit windows) And building extra libjvms does take
a significant amount of time.


2012/4/21 Brian Goetz <brian.goetz at>:
> Is there a list of "features" that can be turned on and off?  With the old
> build, I customize it with environment variables like SKIP_FASTDEBUG_BUILD,
> NO_DOCS, NO_SAMPLES, and NO_DEMOS, which shaves lots of time off the build.
>  Are there equivalent configure flags for these?
> On 4/12/2012 5:47 AM, Magnus Ihse Bursie wrote:
>> The build-infra project [1] has been working for a while with creating a
>> new build system. The goals of the project include, but are not limited
>> to, improved build performance and improved ease of use.
>> The first part of this project has now been pushed to the jdk8 master
>> forest. This means that the new build system is available for you to try
>> out! The old build system is still there, and if you want to continue to
>> use it, you will notice no difference (for now...).
>> But if you are interested in trying the new build system, we welcome you
>> to experiment with it! The basic operation is:
>> cd common/makefiles
>> ../autoconf/configure
>> make
>> More information is available in the new build README [2]. If you want
>> to try the new build system, please read it first.
>> Please note that the new build system is not yet complete. We do not yet
>> have full platform support, nor are all parts of the old build converted
>> (but then we fall back on the old build system), and there are likely to
>> be bugs. Most of all, we need to have exposure on a wide range of
>> different build systems, since the reality is always so much messier
>> than you'd want to believe. :-) Please help us to resolve such issues
>> early by trying the new build system!
>> Any questions or discussions on the new build system should be sent to
>> build-dev at
>> /Magnus
>> [1]
>> [2]

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