Incorrect bootstrap jdk in documentation

John Oliver johno at
Tue Apr 17 14:03:19 UTC 2012

I was building jdk8 and noticed that your documentation generally states 
that you need a jdk 1.6.0 as a bootstrap, in the following files:

When I tried to build using 1.6.0 I received the following:

ERROR:Your  BOOTDIR  environment variable doesnot  point
        to a validJDK  for  bootstrapping this build.
        A  JDK  8   build must be bootstrapped using
        JDK  1.7.0  fcs (or  later).
        Apparently, your bootstrapJDK  is version1.6.0
        Please  update yourALT_BOOTDIR  settingand  start your build again.

When I retried using 1.7.0 as a bootstrap it was fine. I presume those files need to be updated to reflect that you now need at least 1.7.0.



John Oliver


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