Is the use case of full OpenJDK followed by the jdk sub tree possible?

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Sat Apr 21 17:16:53 UTC 2012

Ignore this, I found an old thread with some advice that I'd forgotten to
follow <smacks forehead> - M

On 21 April 2012 15:27, Martijn Verburg <martijnverburg at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> For the javac bug warnings day I'm trying to set-up a VM which contains a
> full clone of (into
> the ~/jdk8_tl directory). I'm then building the full OpenJDK with:
> ALT_BOOTDIR=/opt/java/1.7.0_03 (an installation of Oracle's binary)
> The full build below works just fine:
> cd ~/jdk8_tl
> make sanity
> make clean
> make all
> I'm then looking to build the jdk sub tree after that with compiler
> warnings switched on. I'm hoping to pick up the latest hotspot etc that was
> just built.  So I execute the following:
> cd ~/jdk8_tl/jdk/make
> make clean
> OTHER_JAVACFLAGS="-Xmaxwarns 10000" &> build.log
> However this subtree build errors out as it can't find various paths/files
> to build/reference.  I started 'educated guessing' what env vars to set
> & ALT_HOTSPOT_IMPORT_PATH). However, I'm concerned I'm going down the wrong
> path, as I'm adding more and more env vars, complicating the set-up
> considerably.
> Is the set of env vars you would typically set for a full build different
> to a subtree (jdk) build?  Is there a set that will work for both, in
> particular the partial build after the full build?
> Cheers,
> Martijn
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