Is anyone able to build on Win 7

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at
Wed Jan 25 07:43:50 UTC 2012


I'm regularly building on my win 7 x64 laptop as part of the build-infra 
project (when needing to compare build results of the new and old build 
system). I recognize your problems but am not experiencing them at the 
moment. At this point I'm usually building jdk8.

The fork problem is usually a sign of too long command lines. Moving 
your repo to a directory with a shorter path could help fixing that.

Out of memory errors could be dependent on which boot jdk you are using. 
When building jdk8 I'm currently using jdk7 release. If that doesn't 
help it might be faulty logic in the makefiles that just set the wrong 
mx flags for your particular system.

Hope that helps some!


On 2012-01-24 17:52, Pete Brunet wrote:
> Is anyone able to build on Win 7?  I'm on my 8th build hoping to get to
> the end and have seen these errors:
> out of memory, 3 times - I have more than enough memory
> fork: Resource temporarily unavailable, 3 times
> error 126, once
> I have read so
> apparently something on my system is causing a problem but I haven't
> been successful in finding it yet.  I have my Norton 360 "Auto-Protect"
> turned off.  It would be helpful to know if anyone has successfully
> built on Win 7 and also if anyone has ideas on what I might look for
> beyond what is listed in the cygwin FAQ.
> Thanks, Pete

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