RPATHS in binaries

Omair Majid omajid at redhat.com
Mon Jul 23 17:10:00 UTC 2012

Hi Kumar,

On 07/23/2012 11:19 AM, Kumar Srinivasan wrote:
> My suggestion is to see if System.loadLibrary can be used, this will
> bode well for the
> modularization effort.

Unfortunately, this bug can come up with proprietary third-party code
that cant be modified by the users of OpenJDK. Also, requiring
applications to modify existing code to work against newer versions of
OpenJDK seems like a break in binary compatibility.

It might be possible to modify the code in OpenJDK to load libjawt.so
always before the application code starts. Is that something we want to
do on every JVM start?

On the other hand, libjawt.so requires libmawt.so to be loaded too. So
if libjawt.so can be loaded, that means libmawt.so has been loaded too.
Perhaps we can get by with jus add a System.loadLibrary("jawt") at the
point in code that loads libmawt.so.

> If this *must*  be added to RPATH in which case,
> append this last
> to ensure we don't break  anything.

I will keep this in mind. I did want to point out that the RPATH change
is what most applications are expecting and so is likely to be the most
backwards-compatible fix.


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