Review Request: Build-infra update

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at
Wed May 16 12:32:03 UTC 2012

The build-infra project has been quite productive and would like to push 
an update to the new build in jdk8.

All webrevs can be found here: 

What's new in this push?
* Makefile conversion is basically done (a few minor exceptions but all 
code is compiled by new makefiles now).
* Solaris ia32 is now as binary compatible with the old build as linux is.
* Build speed is significantly improved since only new makefiles are 
used. (Rough examples for full open build: Linux 7min, Solaris ia32 
7min, Windows 22min)
* Windows still builds and is runnable.
* Several bugfixes.

Why push now, it's not all done yet?
The main driver for this push is the jigsaw project that needs to 
consume the full conversion of the makefiles in order to work on the 
jigsaw build. We also think that people trying out the new build will 
enjoy the speed improvement. Of course we also welcome more feedback on 
the new build system.


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