Review Request: Build-infra update

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed May 16 12:49:31 UTC 2012

On 16/05/2012 13:32, Erik Joelsson wrote:
> The build-infra project has been quite productive and would like to 
> push an update to the new build in jdk8.
> All webrevs can be found here: 
> <>
> What's new in this push?
> * Makefile conversion is basically done (a few minor exceptions but 
> all code is compiled by new makefiles now).
> * Solaris ia32 is now as binary compatible with the old build as linux 
> is.
> * Build speed is significantly improved since only new makefiles are 
> used. (Rough examples for full open build: Linux 7min, Solaris ia32 
> 7min, Windows 22min)
> * Windows still builds and is runnable.
> * Several bugfixes.
> Why push now, it's not all done yet?
> The main driver for this push is the jigsaw project that needs to 
> consume the full conversion of the makefiles in order to work on the 
> jigsaw build. We also think that people trying out the new build will 
> enjoy the speed improvement. Of course we also welcome more feedback 
> on the new build system.
> /Erik 
One thing about the update is that it adds a compile time dependency on to many areas. I think this 
requires consideration from a modularity perspective.

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