code review request for FDS/aurora bug fix (7168520)

Daniel D. Daugherty daniel.daugherty at
Thu May 17 14:14:22 UTC 2012


This is a code review request for the following P1 bug:

     7168520 1/3 No jdk8 TL Nightly linux builds due to broken link in

Here is the URL for the webrev:

This fix has already been reviewed internally and is in the process of
being pushed to the JDK8 T&L repo. Since the bug impacts our internal
aurora tool, we're moving very quickly on this issue. If this code
review request generates any additional changes, then we'll use another
bug ID to make those changes.

Gory details below...

In the original FDS implementation, per-VM libjsig.debuginfo symlinks were
created that refer to ../libjsig.debuginfo. When the ZIP_DEBUGINFO_FILES
feature is enabled (the default), the jre/lib/<arch>/libjsig.debuginfo
files are ZIPed into jre/lib/<arch>/libjsig.diz. This makes the per-VM
libjsig.debuginfo symlinks "dangling" because the ../libjsig.debuginfo
files are ZIP'ed. Aurora doesn't tolerate dangling symlinks so this fix
puts a work around in place.

The work around ZIPs the per-VM libjsig.debuginfo symlinks into a per-VM
libjsig.diz file. Aurora has no problem with ZIP files. After the work
around is in place, the default libjsig.diz layout is:

jre/lib/<arch>/libjsig.diz         - ZIP'ed real libjsig.debuginfo
jre/lib/<arch>/client/libjsig.diz  - ZIP'ed symlink
                                      (libjsig.debuginfo -> 
jre/lib/<arch>/server/libjsig.diz  - ZIP'ed symlink
                                      (libjsig.debuginfo -> 


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