New log control system entering build-infra

Magnus Ihse Bursie magnus.ihse.bursie at
Mon May 21 10:59:47 UTC 2012

I have just pushed a new way of controlling the make log verbosity to 
the build-infra repository. Hopefully, it will get integrated into the 
build and mainline forests further on.

With this new system, the makefile verbosity can be controlled using the 
LOG variable. LOG can be set to any of "warn", "info", "debug" or 
"trace" (inspired by log4j log levels). The default is "warn".

* LOG=warn will give you just basic information about build process, and 
warnings and errors reported by the tools.

* LOG=info will mimick the old makefiles, that is, print each command as 
it is executed by make. This is helpful for determining tricky errors in 
the source code, where the error message does not clearly state which 
file is problematic.

* LOG=debug will display all shell executions (not only when make 
executes a rule, but also in the internal Makefile logic). This is 
helpful for debugging Makefile problems. If you want to report a problem 
with the new build system, please run with LOG=debug to create a full 
debug log for us. (Note that the log gets extemly large with this 
setting, so it cannot be attached to an email.)

* LOG=trace displays inner workings of make and is probably not useful 
except in extreme cases.

As always, the complete build log is saved to the file build.log in your 
build directory.

The old way of explicitely setting make flags using the VERBOSE variable 
(e.g. setting it to VERBOSE= to disable the default "-s") is still 
available but is not recommended.


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