Need reviewer - @GenerateNativeHeader

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Wed May 23 07:15:22 UTC 2012


Can you hold off pushing this for a few days? While this is compile-time 
only dependency I think the impact needs further study.


On 23/05/2012 02:14, Kelly O'Hair wrote:
> 7170969: Add @GenerateNativeHeader to classes whose fields need to be exported for JNI
> The new build infrastructure wants to fully automate the generation of the JNI header files (running javah).
> On classes that have "native" methods this is obvious, but class that only export constants, and whose constants
> are needed in the JNI native code, we need to mark these classes as needing their native header file generated.
> This change is adding:
> import;
> /* No native methods here, but the constants are needed in the supporting JNI code */
> @GenerateNativeHeader
> To any class without a native method, but needing to expose it's constants to the native code.
> -kto

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