RFR: 8010785: JDK 8 build on Linux fails with new build mechanism

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at oracle.com
Thu Apr 11 10:53:18 UTC 2013

Open part of this review.

The licensee bundles aren't buildable with the new build for several 
reasons. I've tried to fix all the issues that I've found and have now
successfully built them on linux, windows and solaris. Here is a list of 
the changes that I had to do to OpenJDK:

* Filter out javascript src when the rhino source isn't available. Also 
do not copy rhino resource files when not available. This is controlled 
by a new variable, INCLUDE_JAVASCRIPT, which we control from closed 
configure and shouldn't affect the OpenJDK build. I also moved the 
copying of the resources to the correct makefile, CopyIntoClasses.gmk.

* If javax/crypto isn't available, jce.jar needs to be added to the 
bootclasspath of the main java compilation. Also, a number of security 
jar files shouldn't be built at all. (Normally these are built just to 
exercise the logic, but not used.) The kerberos library is also excluded 
by this. Introduced the variable BUILD_CRYPTO, also set by closed 
configure to control this. I used the logic ifneq ($(BUILD_CRYPTO),no) 
to not change the behavior if the variable isn't set, which it won't be 
in the open case.

* I removed the logic for setting the closed cacerts file in the open 
configure script.

* Also fixing JDK-8005655 by adding logic for unzipping sec-bin (and 
friends) if available.



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