RFE: Suggestion for build warnings

Jonathan Gibbons jonathan.gibbons at oracle.com
Thu Apr 25 19:05:31 UTC 2013

Build folk,

There are two types of line in a typical build.log file:  there are 
"info" lines which detail the ongoing progress of the build, and there 
are "other" lines containing info which ought to be of interest to 
someone: warnings, errors, etc.

Previously, attempts to clean up build issues have focussed on analyzing 
the log for warnings.   This time, I'm going to suggest the opposite.  
How about providing a script somewhere which can be used after a build 
to filter out the "info" lines, leaving just the warnings and error 
messages, so that they can more easily be seen and addressed.

The script could simply be a series of "grep -v" commands, filtering out 
lines beginning "Compiing ...." or "Assembling..." or "## comment"   or 
"INFO: ..." or "Importing ..." etc.  For those folk using Hudson to 
build OpenJDK on an ongoing basis, maybe the number of lines in this 
reduced log would be of interest, and could be tracked in a Hudson trend 

-- Jon

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