RFE: Suggestion for build warnings

Jonathan Gibbons jonathan.gibbons at oracle.com
Sat Apr 27 16:24:33 UTC 2013

Here is a basic first draft of a script to remove the chatty fluff from 
a build log.

I tried it on a build log from a linux box I use. The entire log is 1511 
lines long; the reduced log is 584 lines long, meaning that 39% of the 
log is issues that maybe need addressing.

-- Jon

cat $1 |
     grep -v -E 
' |
     grep -v -E '^(Aliases|Cache|Classes|INFO): ' |
     grep -v -E '^All done.' |
     grep -v -E '^$' |
     grep -v -E '^(## |---*)' |
     grep -v -E '^(Start|End|[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9]) '

On 04/25/2013 12:05 PM, Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
> Build folk,
> There are two types of line in a typical build.log file:  there are 
> "info" lines which detail the ongoing progress of the build, and there 
> are "other" lines containing info which ought to be of interest to 
> someone: warnings, errors, etc.
> Previously, attempts to clean up build issues have focussed on 
> analyzing the log for warnings.   This time, I'm going to suggest the 
> opposite.  How about providing a script somewhere which can be used 
> after a build to filter out the "info" lines, leaving just the 
> warnings and error messages, so that they can more easily be seen and 
> addressed.
> The script could simply be a series of "grep -v" commands, filtering 
> out lines beginning "Compiing ...." or "Assembling..." or "## 
> comment"   or "INFO: ..." or "Importing ..." etc.  For those folk 
> using Hudson to build OpenJDK on an ongoing basis, maybe the number of 
> lines in this reduced log would be of interest, and could be tracked 
> in a Hudson trend graph.
> -- Jon

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