8013415: Changes for JDK-8005523 requires updates to refs.allowed

Weijun Wang weijun.wang at oracle.com
Mon Apr 29 11:26:50 UTC 2013

Thanks for taking care of this. I thought this module/profile dependency 
thing was based on packages.


On 4/29/13 5:28 PM, Alan Bateman wrote:
> On 29/04/2013 09:51, Chris Hegarty wrote:
>> Thanks for the explanation, it makes reviewing much easier.
>> I can see the additional types in the changeset for 8005523, so it
>> looks good to me.
>> If possible, it would be nice if that anyone touching source that
>> effects jsse.jar could also check the profiles target. That said, I
>> wasn't aware of this dependency until now. Anyway, I think you're
>> right Alan, it remains to be seen how much of a chore this becomes.
>> -Chris.
> Thanks Chris. It would be nice if jsse.jar would go away. Alternatively
> the profiles build could generate jsse.jar without
> sun.security.ssl.krb5.** when generating it for compact1 and compact2
> builds.  Without going down either of these routes then the alternative
> is for the dependency checker to ignore references from jsse.jar. So I
> think we will need to back to this issue at some point.
> For now I'll push this change to jdk8/tl to get the build working again.
> -Alan

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