TOOLCHAIN_FIND_COMPILER removing symlinks?

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Thu Dec 19 05:37:13 UTC 2013

I am working with a compiler toolchain that packages it's  C and C++ compilers in a single executable and then uses symbolic links to disambiguate which function is being requested. Want C? Invoke a symbolic link. Want C++? Invoke a different symbolic link. Same story with it's linkers. 

Anyway, this setup runs into problems with the current toolchain.m4 function TOOLCHAIN_FIND_COMPILER which includes 




This results in the stripping of the identifying symbolic links away and leaving the compiler path as only the raw executable (which happens to default to being a C compiler).

Is removing the symbolic links actually necessary or required? For my purposes commenting out the final statement, $1="$TEST_COMPILER", results in the right executable name (one of the symbolic links) being written to the spec.gmk

I was also surprised that removing of symbolic links from disguised ccache doesn't consider the --disable-ccache option. In this case it should probably just ignore any user trickery and attempt to proceed naively with compiler it's been given.


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