Review Request: 8005575: build-infra: Three JCK tests fails on Solaris with new RE Autoconf-Based build

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at
Wed Jan 2 10:46:42 UTC 2013

In build-infra, an attempt at unifying the handling of properties files 
was introduced and used in jaxp jaxws. It changed how properties were 
cleaned quite drastically for these repos, trying to mimic what was 
going on with StripProperties in jdk and langtools, but using sed. This 
worked pretty well as long as gnu sed was used, but on solaris, that's 
not always the case and we saw a couple of test failures in the JCK as a 
result of that.

While working on this, I discovered more issues related to these 
properties and solaris sed, and came to the conclusion that we cannot 
support this feature at this point, but should rather revert the 
property cleaning in jaxp and jaxws to something as similar as possible 
to the filtering done in the old build and that's what I've done in this 
change. Changing that can be done later.

The reason for not changing the implementation in 
common/makefiles/JavaCompilation.gmk is that the implementation there is 
supposed to work the same as the new solution in sjavac. So to not break 
that, I opted for a local implementation in each of the repos jaxp and 
jaxws. Instead of using sed, which is known to cause trouble on solaris, 
I used nawk, which seems to behave less differently. This also enabled 
us to remove the complex exceptions to the compare rules in 
common/bin/ for resources.jar. One difference does remain 
however, and that's an extra newline at the end of one of the properties 
files. The source file is missing the newline, the ant filter in the old 
build does not add one, but nawk does. I've added an exception for this 
as I regard it as a safe diff.


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