Review Request: 8005575: build-infra: Three JCK tests fails on Solaris with new RE Autoconf-Based build

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at
Fri Jan 4 16:00:06 UTC 2013


I guess there isn't. Should probably open one.


On 2013-01-04 16:57, Tim Bell wrote:
> Hi Erik
> Looks good.
> Is there an issue open for the future "unified functionality in 
> JavaCompilation.gmk"
> Tim
> On 01/04/13 02:29, Erik Joelsson wrote:
>> Had to add LANG=C to the nawk line to make this work on my linux 
>> workstation, otherwise one comment wouldn't get matched because it 
>> contained some weird character.
>> /Erik
>> On 2013-01-02 21:55, Kelly O'Hair wrote:
>>> Looks ok to me.
>>> -kto
>>> On Jan 2, 2013, at 2:46 AM, Erik Joelsson wrote:
>>>> In build-infra, an attempt at unifying the handling of properties 
>>>> files was introduced and used in jaxp jaxws. It changed how 
>>>> properties were cleaned quite drastically for these repos, trying 
>>>> to mimic what was going on with StripProperties in jdk and 
>>>> langtools, but using sed. This worked pretty well as long as gnu 
>>>> sed was used, but on solaris, that's not always the case and we saw 
>>>> a couple of test failures in the JCK as a result of that.
>>>> While working on this, I discovered more issues related to these 
>>>> properties and solaris sed, and came to the conclusion that we 
>>>> cannot support this feature at this point, but should rather revert 
>>>> the property cleaning in jaxp and jaxws to something as similar as 
>>>> possible to the filtering done in the old build and that's what 
>>>> I've done in this change. Changing that can be done later.
>>>> The reason for not changing the implementation in 
>>>> common/makefiles/JavaCompilation.gmk is that the implementation 
>>>> there is supposed to work the same as the new solution in sjavac. 
>>>> So to not break that, I opted for a local implementation in each of 
>>>> the repos jaxp and jaxws. Instead of using sed, which is known to 
>>>> cause trouble on solaris, I used nawk, which seems to behave less 
>>>> differently. This also enabled us to remove the complex exceptions 
>>>> to the compare rules in common/bin/ for resources.jar. 
>>>> One difference does remain however, and that's an extra newline at 
>>>> the end of one of the properties files. The source file is missing 
>>>> the newline, the ant filter in the old build does not add one, but 
>>>> nawk does. I've added an exception for this as I regard it as a 
>>>> safe diff.
>>>> /Erik

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