Mac build fun

David Chase at
Wed Jan 9 13:33:18 UTC 2013

On 2013-01-09, at 5:07 AM, Michael McMahon <michael.x.mcmahon at> wrote:

> Are you building on a remote filesystem like NFS? Those .DS_Store files get created by the finder
> and can cause problems on remote filesystems where they become visible to other software.
> There is a way to disable creation of .DS_Store on remote filesystems documented at

No, the problem is in a local filesystem, and the .DS_Store files confused the jar packager.
I figured I had better let someone know what the cause was, else there would be much time wasted when this happened to the next person building on a Mac.  We might catch that exception, check for .DS_Store in the name, and provide a more useful explanation of the root cause, even if we don't get around to "fixing" it soon.  For example:

        String secondPkgElement = null;
        try {
            secondPkgElement = name.substring(firstSlashIndex + 1,
                                                              firstSlashIndex + 1));
        } catch (StringIndexOutOfBoundsException ex) {
            if (name.endsWith("/.DS_Store"))
                System.err.println ("Unexpected Mac OS Finder file " + name);
            throw ex;

I'm trying asepsis right now.


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