Review Request: 8005855: build-infra: Remove -R flag when cross compiling

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at
Tue Jan 22 10:18:00 UTC 2013

New webrev for this:

I changed the sed to only remove the -R argument and made it conditional 
on cross compilation.

A bit of background on this. The X_LIBS variable is created by autoconf 
by calling some special macros to locate libraries needed for X11. On 
some systems nothing extra is needed and X_LIBS is left empty, but on 
some, extra -L arguments are needed. Autoconf then also adds -R to put 
these extra paths in the runtime search path for the built 

In the case where we cross compile, the extra -R paths are unwanted 
however. On the build host, autoconf will typically find them in 
something like /path/to/cross-toolkit/lib. This directory is unlikely to 
exist on the target host. The extra rpath entry in the built binary is 
usually harmless, but also not correct. The main point though is that it 
wasn't there in the old build and that's why we are trying to remove it 
in the new.


On 2013-01-09 14:14, Erik Joelsson wrote:
> 8003958 fixes this for sizer generation yes, but there is also one 
> library in CompileNativeLibraries that has X_LIBS on the link line. 
> But I suppose we shouldn't fix it unless there is a problem with it.
> /Erik
> On 2013-01-09 03:56, David Holmes wrote:
>> On 9/01/2013 5:56 AM, Kelly O'Hair wrote:
>>> I need more info on this, what is X_LIBS for, and why remove ALL -R 
>>> options.
>> IIRC Fredrik added this to deal with some binary difference detected 
>> on OSX. I don't know what these variables actually contain
>>> I always considered the -R options to be LD options, not library 
>>> specifications really.
>>> The -L and -l options are library specifications, but -R is just a 
>>> path that gets baked into the .so
>>> for runtime access to the libraries, the paths don't have to exist 
>>> at build time.
>> The paths that get baked in at build time may not exist at runtime.
>> Also for cross-compilation the -R option is not recognized - which is 
>> what
>> build-infra: Cross-compilation of sizers utility has been broken
>> is all about. So these two bugs seems to be overlapping somewhat - 
>> but the real fix is 8003958.
>> David
>> -----
>>> -kto
>>> On Jan 8, 2013, at 5:35 AM, Erik Joelsson wrote:
>>>> Filter away -R flags from X_LIBS variable in configure.

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