Codereview request for 8003680: JSR 310: Date/Time API

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Tue Jan 22 19:52:35 UTC 2013

On 22/01/2013 19:09, Xueming Shen wrote:
> Hi,
> Webrev has been updated to address the build issue in the
> new build infra. M
> (1) added the java.time packages into 
> common/makefiles.javadoc/CORE_PKGS.gmk
> to be included into ct.sym
> (2) not sure which one should be used for <java_home>lib/tzdb.jar. It 
> appears
> the tzdb.jar will not be picked for "images" if use 
> $(JDK_OUTPUTDIR)/lib and
> it does not get copied for "overlay-image", if use 
> Guess something need to be tweak in Images.gmk. But I'm running out of 
> time,
> so now I copy the tzdb into both to make both happy for M6.
cc'ing build-dev as I think you need Erik or Kelly to comment on this.

I'm not an expert on the new build but I think you just need to add 
something like this to CreateJars.gmk:

$(IMAGES_OUTPUTDIR)/lib/tzdb.jar: $(JDK_OUTPUTDIR)/lib/tzdb.jar

JARS += $(IMAGES_OUTPUTDIR)/lib/tzdb.jar

and remove the copying that you are doing in GendataTZDB.gmk.

I looked at the changes to the top-level repo and the changes look fine 
to me.


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