Review request: 8006933: Need to use nawk on Solaris to avoid awk limitations

Tim Bell tim.bell at
Wed Jan 30 17:39:58 UTC 2013

Second round of this change:

In response to feedback raised on this thread:

David wrote:

> Do we fix the old build in the corba repo too?

No, the old build does not generate accurate dependencies in this area, 
so there is nothing similar to fix - the old corba build is all or nothing.

> Can we also fix the fact that the failure doesn't cause make to detect
> the error? I think that is caused by the whole thing being executed in a
> sub-shell.

I tried without success (many ways) to trap the error from the original 
/usr/bin/awk.  Given that we are using nawk after this change, I'd like 
to move on.

Dmitry wrote:

> It might be better to remove AWK completely
> $(FIND) . -type f | sed 's!\./!$3 : $4/!g' > $5

Good idea, but I was not able to implement it because sed does not 
support captures, and the expression suggested above would drop part of 
the string.

Let me give an example:

If the output of the find is ./org/omg/CORBA/

$3 is /tmp/jdk8/build/solaris-x86-normal-server-release/corba/gensrc/

$4 is 

$(SED) 's!\./!$3 : $4/!g' would generate:

/tmp/jdk8/build/solaris-x86-normal-server-release/corba/gensrc/ : 

(losing the /org/omg/CORBA/ substring)

$(SED) 's!\./!$3/!g' | $(NAWK) '{ print $$$$1 ": $4" }' would generate 
what we want:


(and you can see why the length of the strings becomes a problem for the 
old Solaris awk which predates the Posix standard)

> or ever
> find . -type f -printf "$3%s : $4\n"

Another good suggestion, but not all versions of find support printf 
(MacOS,  and /usr/bin/find on Solaris).  It would be possible to use 
/usr/bin/gfind on Solaris, but I don't know of a solution on the Mac.


> On 01/28/13 02:42, Erik Joelsson wrote:
>> The fix looks good to me. What strikes me most is the use of "sed" 
>> instead of $(SED) on the same line.
>> /Erik
>> On 2013-01-25 11:36, Tim Bell wrote:
>>> Here is the bug report:
>>> Use nawk instead of awk to avoid "awk: string too long near line 1" 
>>> errors when running idlj in corba.  For new 'build-infra' style 
>>> builds, this needs to be fixed in common/makefiles/IdlCompilation.gmk
>>> The errors are seen if the path to the build directory in the source 
>>> tree is too long, greater than ~92.
>>> Thanks in advance for any feedback.
>>> Tim

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