Review Request: JDK-8009196 install doesn't define $(AR) as /usr/ccs/bin/ar, results in ar: Command not found

David Holmes david.holmes at
Fri Mar 1 06:48:02 UTC 2013


On 1/03/2013 5:42 AM, David Katleman wrote:
> Modification to an earlier fix which broke internal Solaris builds,
> because ar could not be found.
> Rather than the hatchet Erik's fix took to the problem, separating the
> CROSS_COMPILE_ARCH portion into it's own if, and the second portion into
> it's own Solaris only if since the ccs path is valid only on Solaris,
> and the original fix was to avoid this whole section for Windows.

I don't grok this fix. What Erik added was the "ifndef CONFIGURE_BUILD" 
around the existing if/else block. That if/else block has existed as 
part of the old build for a long time. What you have done now would 
break cross-compiling on Solaris in the old build - we don't do that but 
that doesn't chang the invalidity of the fix.

The whole "ifndef CONFIGURE_BUILD" guard to was to bypass the local tool 
definitions if configure had already set them, so that Windows sanity 
passed. The flaw in that fix was that it impacted all platforms, not 
just Windows, and it changed the "all" target in addition to the sanity one.

What you do now is not by-pass the block if configure is used, but 
simply ensure the block doesn't apply to Windows whether configure was 
used or not.

I would question if this in fact breaks the old build.


> For reference, the original fix
> Thanks
>          Dave

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