Testing OpenJDK under Windows 7 64, problem with Makefile

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at oracle.com
Mon Mar 4 10:26:03 UTC 2013

I'm assuming this is concerning jdk7 (and the old build system) so 
moving to the build-dev list. This is a known issue in the cygwin 
version of make. It can be addressed by building it yourself from 
source, enabling the feature to accept ':' in paths. See the build 
readme for more details.


(In the new build system in jdk8, this is solved differently and should 
not be an issue.)


On 2013-02-27 13:05, Daniel López wrote:
> Hi there,
> I've been redirected here from the Adopt OpenJDK programme, as the
> investigation while trying to "adopt" the OpenJDK build using Windows has
> led me to some issues involving the build scripts.
> Back to the point, I was able to successfully build the OpenJDK following
> the instructions from the programme, but when it was time to verify the
> build, the make did not succeed. After some research, I found out that one
> of the issues is that, under Cygwin, the JDK does not like being passed the
> Unix equivalent paths, so you need the DOS adapted ones, but the Makefile
> is unable to work with the DOS adapted ones (due to the presence of ':' in
> the paths that is interpreted as path separators). The Makefile is
> transforming that paths and use them in several places (using cygpath -m -s
> ) but then it fails with a "multiple targets" error due to ':' being used
> in some paths.
> The solution I found was to convert the paths that are used internally
> inside the Makefile using 'cygpath -u' and use the DOS paths when they are
> passed to call the jtreg tool (a Java call). It surely needs some testing
> and MK might have a similar problem (I have not tested it, I don't have it
> installed) but just I wanted to let you know about the issue, in case
> someone else has the same troubles.
> How would you like to proceed with it? Google did not produce any bug
> report that covered that and I'm quite new to the Adop OpenJDK programme
> and the whole OpenJDK contribution (the documentation is not too clear as
> it assumes a bug is already created and the bugDatabase page is a WIP).
> Cheers!
> D.
> To follow the whole discussion, the topic at the Adopt OpenJDK google group
> should be here:
> https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=es&fromgroups=#!topic/adopt-openjdk/qRdMlWFgrhc

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