Testing OpenJDK under Windows 7 64, problem with Makefile

Daniel López d.lopez.j at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 10:50:01 UTC 2013

This happens trying to test Java 8 following the instructions described in
http://java.net/projects/adoptopenjdk/pages/BuildWindows that I thought
were related to the new system and then trying to test the installation
using the instructions provided here

Is this the old system of testing the jdk? The building itself succeeds,
it's the test Makefile that gives me troubles (OpenJDK/jdk8_tl/jdk/test) to
be precise.
Nevertheless, I'll try to build the make from the sources and see if that
also fixes it.


2013/3/4 Erik Joelsson <erik.joelsson at oracle.com>

> I'm assuming this is concerning jdk7 (and the old build system) so moving
> to the build-dev list. This is a known issue in the cygwin version of make.
> It can be addressed by building it yourself from source, enabling the
> feature to accept ':' in paths. See the build readme for more details.
> http://hg.openjdk.java.net/**jdk7/build/raw-file/tip/**
> README-builds.html#gmake<http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk7/build/raw-file/tip/README-builds.html#gmake>
> (In the new build system in jdk8, this is solved differently and should
> not be an issue.)
> /Erik
> On 2013-02-27 13:05, Daniel López wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I've been redirected here from the Adopt OpenJDK programme, as the
>> investigation while trying to "adopt" the OpenJDK build using Windows has
>> led me to some issues involving the build scripts.
>> Back to the point, I was able to successfully build the OpenJDK following
>> the instructions from the programme, but when it was time to verify the
>> build, the make did not succeed. After some research, I found out that one
>> of the issues is that, under Cygwin, the JDK does not like being passed
>> the
>> Unix equivalent paths, so you need the DOS adapted ones, but the Makefile
>> is unable to work with the DOS adapted ones (due to the presence of ':' in
>> the paths that is interpreted as path separators). The Makefile is
>> transforming that paths and use them in several places (using cygpath -m
>> -s
>> ) but then it fails with a "multiple targets" error due to ':' being used
>> in some paths.
>> The solution I found was to convert the paths that are used internally
>> inside the Makefile using 'cygpath -u' and use the DOS paths when they are
>> passed to call the jtreg tool (a Java call). It surely needs some testing
>> and MK might have a similar problem (I have not tested it, I don't have it
>> installed) but just I wanted to let you know about the issue, in case
>> someone else has the same troubles.
>> How would you like to proceed with it? Google did not produce any bug
>> report that covered that and I'm quite new to the Adop OpenJDK programme
>> and the whole OpenJDK contribution (the documentation is not too clear as
>> it assumes a bug is already created and the bugDatabase page is a WIP).
>> Cheers!
>> D.
>> To follow the whole discussion, the topic at the Adopt OpenJDK google
>> group
>> should be here:
>> https://groups.google.com/**forum/?hl=es&fromgroups=#!**
>> topic/adopt-openjdk/**qRdMlWFgrhc<https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=es&fromgroups=#!topic/adopt-openjdk/qRdMlWFgrhc>

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