Review Request: 8008073: build-infra: Need --with-dxsdk option? And awt/sound -I option additions?

Tim Bell tim.bell at
Tue Mar 5 15:27:12 UTC 2013


Looks good.


> This patch adds support for compiling and linking against a specific 
> dxsdk to the new build. This was omitted by mistake during the 
> conversion from the old build.
> This patch adds three new configure parameters:
> --with-dxsdk
> --with-dxsdk-lib
> --with-dxsdk-include
> The latter two are constructed from the first if not supplied. If 
> --with-dxsdk is not given, the environment variable DXSDK_DIR is 
> checked (which is set by the sdk installation).
> The include dir is added to the compiler flags for jsoundds, awt and 
> jawt. The lib dir is added to all jdk link flags. This mimics the old 
> build as far as I can tell. Note that I could only find actual linking 
> to dxsdk libraries for jsoundds.
> /Erik

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