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Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Wed Mar 6 22:36:35 UTC 2013

The testing section could be made simpler:

JT_HOME=/path/to/jtreg make test

The test suite can be specified with the TEST environment variable:

JT_HOME=/path/to/jtreg make test TEST=jdk_util

The default is TEST=jdk_core which runs a wide selection of tests.

Multiple tests can be specified.

JT_HOME=/path/to/jtreg make test TEST="jdk_security1 jdk_security2 jdk_security3"

The brave and foolhardy can add "CONCURRENCY" to run tests concurrently.

JT_HOME=/path/to/jtreg make test TEST="CONCURRENCY=12 jdk_security1 jdk_security2 jdk_security3"

I have an RFE (JDK-8007129) to add a configure option for locating JTREG which would allow omission of the JT_HOME definition.



On Mar 1 2013, at 09:18 , Kelly O'Hair wrote:

> Please do not 'reply all', send concerns or issues to just the build-dev or build-infra-dev aliases.
> The very latest README-builds.html file is:
> This documents the new build makefiles only.
> As with all documents of this type, it will always be a work in progress.
> -kto

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