RFR 8009517: Disable fatal compiler warning in the old build

Dan Xu dan.xu at oracle.com
Fri Mar 8 17:20:05 UTC 2013

On 03/08/2013 08:40 AM, Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
> On 03/08/2013 08:09 AM, Mike Duigou wrote:
>> On Mar 8 2013, at 07:56 , Alan Bateman wrote:
>>> On 08/03/2013 15:49, Mike Duigou wrote:
>>>> Looks fine to me. Do we have an issue open for restoring warnings 
>>>> to the new build?
>>>> Mike
>>> I don't know if there is an issue for that yet but as the new build 
>>> compiles thousands of classes in a single compilation unit then it 
>>> means we will need to make significant inroads on the warnings 
>>> before more can be enabled. The approach with the old build was by 
>>> area and good progress had been made but with the new build, then it 
>>> may have to be by warning type as all areas are compiled together.
>> Understood. Perhaps we can at least use JDK_FILTER incrementally. Do 
>> we have a way to override the warnings used by the makefile?
>> Any thoughts towards perhaps disabling -Werror but enabling all of 
>> the warnings?
>> Mike
> A different and maybe more effective way of tracking this (for now) 
> would be to generate a separate report on a regular basis that details 
> the number of different types of warnings in each package. The 
> technology to do that is easy; the hard part is getting people to 
> monitor the results and fixup the issues.
> That being said, it should be relatively uncontroversial to totally 
> eliminate some types of warnings, like cast warnings, and enable those 
> warnings in the build with -Werror.
> -- Jon
Kurchi and I are working on this as our side project. We have modified 
your java program to analyse the build logs generated by the new build. 
I am thinking to generate some trend reports after running the build 
regularly and collecting some log data.


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