Allow configure to detect if EC implementation is present

David Holmes david.holmes at
Fri Mar 15 03:17:21 UTC 2013

On 15/03/2013 12:55 PM, Andrew Hughes wrote:
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>> On 15/03/2013 5:37 AM, Omair Majid wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Updated webrev at:
>>> I switched from DISABLE_INTREE_EC to ENABLE_INTREE_EC to avoid the
>>> confusion with double negatives.
>> Looking just at the mechanics of this it looks fine to me.
> I concur.
>> This needs to
>> be coordinated with someone from the build team (which isn't me) so
>> that we can keep the closed in sync.
> I don't think this is a reasonable requirement generally, though it
> may be fine in this case.  We should now be getting to the point
> where an OpenJDK committer can post a patch, an OpenJDK reviewer
> can review it and the committer can push it to an appropriate
> repository without either of these people being Oracle employees.
> Certainly, the bylaws allow this.
> What you're asking here seems no different than me asking for
> someone to co-ordinate with the IcedTea team to update their
> build machinery.  I wouldn't expect this to happen and I don't think
> Oracle should either.

We know this is a problem. Hopefully we will have a solution soon that 
will alleviate the need for this. In the meantime I would request your 
forbearance. I should have said "Can you please ..." rather than "This 
needs ...".

>> Personally I wonder whether the existence check should be in the
>> Makefile rather than done at configure time? I worry that we end up
>> with too many make variables becoming configure variables as well.
> One of the main functions of a configure script is to make these
> variables more easily accessible to the point that you should
> only need to set make variables when you need to do a one-time override
> of something set by configure.  We should no longer be passing a huge
> list of make variables.

Totally agreed with the last point.

But to me the division of labor between configure and make is not always 


> I'd argue that Omair's work could be extended, in a further patch, so
> that the option was set by --disable-intree-ec and the behaviour
> seen here was just the default if the option wasn't specified.
> Having configure options also acts as a means of documenting the
> various build options (see configure --help), something which
> doesn't happen when they are imposed via make.

>> David
>> -----
>>> Note that because of the ifeq comparison, if you use the new build
>>> system and just update the jdk tree, the ifeq ($ENABLE_INTREE_EC),
>>> yes)
>>> comparison will fail (since ENABLE_INTREE_EC was not previously
>>> defined)
>>> and EC will not be part of the build.
>>> This problem wont happen if you update the root repo and re-run
>>> configure.
>>> On 03/14/2013 06:03 AM, David Holmes wrote:
>>>> On 14/03/2013 3:12 PM, David Holmes wrote:
>>>>> Note that this isn't changing any functionality simply exposing
>>>>> an
>>>>> existing make variable at configure time.
>>>> Correction. I misunderstood what was being done here. This
>>>> forcibly
>>>> set/clears the make variable based solely on the existence of a
>>>> directory:
>>>> test -d "${SRC_ROOT}/jdk/src/share/native/sun/security/ec/impl"
>>> Yes, it is forcibly set. But since this directory always exists in
>>> OpenJDK 8, this should never evaluate to false.
>>> This change is very useful for distributions, though, since they
>>> can
>>> delete the directory when creating a source tarball for OpenJDK8,
>>> and
>>> the ECC implementation will be automagically disabled from the
>>> build.
>>>> It doesn't expose a configure option for this. This may be
>>>> perfectly
>>>> fine but the person who wrote the original TODO comment needs to
>>>> verify
>>>> that.
>>> Andrew Hughes wrote the original changeset in the old build system
>>> [1]
>>> and I believe this is exactly what he wanted out of the changeset.
>>> I am
>>> CC'ing Erik, who wrote the TODO [2] so he can clarify what he
>>> meant.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Omair
>>> [1]
>>> [2]

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