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> 2013/3/15 Andrew Hughes <gnu.andrew at>:
> >> Might want to update configure to check for these libs on linux.
> >>
> >
> > Well that won't work everywhere:
> >
> > $ apt-get install libx11-dev libxext-dev libxt-dev libxrender-dev
> > bash: apt-get: command not found
> >
> > so this advice has limited usage anyway.
> Actually the configure script does detect wether you are using debs
> or rpms
> and gives advice accordingly. 

And what if you're using neither?

> It does check for some X11 libraries,
> but as the OpenJDK has moved on, there are new dependencies that are
> not checked.

Hmmm, the failure Omair quotes in:

is for XRender which has been a dependency since 7.  It's even in IcedTea6
as we backported it.  I'll bring the check from IcedTea over to OpenJDK.

> This should be fixed. The suggestions are easy to
> maintain
> and the package names do not change that often.

Depends how many distros you intend to support.

> //Fredrik

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