Support building zero with the new build

Roman Kennke rkennke at
Wed Mar 27 09:26:26 UTC 2013

Am Mittwoch, den 27.03.2013, 09:55 +0100 schrieb Erik Joelsson:
> Work on this was already initiated in this thread:
> Would be good if these efforts could be synchronized.
> I like that you define and translate these hotspot specific variables in 
> hotspot-spec.gmk. I don't think we need to change any variables in 
> hotspot for this to work as was done in the other thread. ZERO_ARCHDEF 
> should maybe belong to platform.m4, not sure, but might as well be 
> defined where you have it. However, checking for libraries would be 
> better moved to libraries.m4 I think.

Yeah, sorry that I did not follow up on 'my' thread. It kindof fizzled
out. What's blocking the patches from going in?

I think the JDK part needs to be revisited now that the way JARs are
built has changed, but this can be done independently:


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