8013652: (profiles) Add javax.script to compact1

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Tue May 7 13:05:13 UTC 2013

I'd like to propose adding javax.script to the compact1 builds (it has 
been in compact3 to date). The rational is to provide a supported way 
for applications running on the smallest profile make use of scripting 
languages. The original goal of compact1 was to provide a migration 
target for applications that are currently running on CDC / Foundation 
Profile so this change does broaden its potential usage a bit. In 
footprint terms then javax.script is tiny so it doesn't make a 
significant difference.

The build changes requires are trivial (see attached) and just move 
PROFILE_1_RTJAR_INCLUDE_PACKAGES. Note that the changes assume that 
Sundar's removing of Rhino (JDK-7175133) is complete. This work is 
currently in review on core-libs-dev and build-dev.


diff --git a/makefiles/profile-rtjar-includes.txt 
--- a/makefiles/profile-rtjar-includes.txt
+++ b/makefiles/profile-rtjar-includes.txt
@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@
      java/time \
      java/util \
      javax/net \
+    javax/script \
      javax/security \
      jdk \
      sun/invoke \
@@ -124,7 +125,6 @@
      javax/lang/model \
      javax/management \
      javax/naming \
-    javax/script \
      javax/security/auth/kerberos \
      javax/security/sasl \
      javax/smartcardio \

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