MacOS build tool selections for JDK8

David Katleman david.katleman at
Thu May 16 00:22:30 UTC 2013

On 5/13/2013 8:59 AM, David DeHaven wrote:
> If it were my choice, Mac OS X 10.8 would be the base OS with Xcode 4.6.1 (current) with clang as the officially supported compiler and with an option to use gcc. I don't see why that would't last at least the public lifecycle of JDK8. What I would be more concerned with is the apparent drift from what we know as Mac OS X towards something more iOS-like, that could mean libraries and frameworks we depend on no longer being available, but at that point it wouldn't be the same OS and we'd have to re-evaluate anyways. Sort of like what's happening with Windows 8 right now.

Sorry for what may be considered muddying the waters, since this is a 
JDK8 discussion.

What about JDK7 update builds?  We currently use the same set of macosx 
hardware for both 7u & 8.    Does JPRT  / others do so as well, or do 
they maintain separate systems for 7u.


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