Windows configure "issues"

David Chase at
Mon May 20 08:56:02 UTC 2013

On 2013-05-19, at 4:58 PM, David Chase < at> wrote:
> #3, the DirectX 9.0 link is not maybe dead, it is dead.
> The search for "DirectX 9.0 SDK Update Summer 2004" is also dead; nothing is found.
> Searches for "DirectX 9" yield downloads that are not SDKs, searches for "DirectX 9 SDK" and "DirectX 9.0 SDK" leads to SDKs that are not version 9.
> Does it still work with somewhat newer (e.g., April 2006, version "DX")?
> If it does, we should say so, because currently the instructions lead to dead ends.

I found this one, version 9.29.1962 .

Is this likely to be an acceptable version?


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