Somewhat wonkier Windows problem

David Chase at
Thu May 23 03:13:18 UTC 2013

I think that there is a 64-bit compiler in there, though it seems to not be the default.
I saw three different command-line choices, and one is 64-bit, which I am using.

The available copies of the DirectX SDK (later than 2004) were not recognized as 32-bit
by configure -- doesn't mean that they're not, it just decided that they were 64-bit given
its current state, so I had to see if I could find a 64-bit compiler.

I can supply more details tomorrow, and check a little harder to ensure it really is 64-bit.


On 2013-05-22, at 8:44 PM, Tim Bell <tim.bell at> wrote:
> It has also been reported that the free VS2012 'Express' edition does not include the 64-bit compiler, so you will be able to build 32-bit only.   I have not verified that.

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