Somewhat wonkier Windows problem

David Chase at
Thu May 23 12:47:40 UTC 2013

I think you need to understand the problem I'm after -- currently, our public instructions for third-party OpenJDK (8) builds don't work.
They don't build at all, so porting is completely out of the question.  I'm trying to come up with instructions that will at least build something that will run on the machine where it is built.

Regarding the DirectX compatibility, that sounds like something we should be repairing in the builds, so that we can cut our dependence on a 9-year-old release of the DirectX SDK.

Note also that some of these newer DirectX SDKs (certainly April 2006) will mess up your %PATH% by inserting elements on it that include quoted strings, and those you will need to remove manually.  I will do the experiment to see if the 2010 release does not do this, since "repair your path after installing required software" is a good step not to have in any build process.

On 2013-05-23, at 8:08 AM, Anthony Petrov <anthony.petrov at> wrote:

> Binaries built with VS2012 won't run on WinXP. You need VS2012sp1 to make them compatible with XP.
> Yes, we don't officially support JDK8 on Windows XP. However, there's a difference between _not supported_ and _just won't run_.
> Hence, if we ever decide to switch to VS2012, we'll most likely want to use VS2012sp1+.

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