Windows configure "issues"

David Chase at
Fri May 24 21:41:28 UTC 2013

FYI, progress report.

No additional changes to the build, but the instructions may require tweaking.

Did manage successful builds without closed subdirectories, using VS2012 and DirectX 2010.

Required installation+build of Freetype using instructions from Volker's blog, adapted slightly
for updated activex and new build directory expectations.  Not sure what is the best plan here;
the fix is all of 

mkdir ../../../lib
cp * ../../../lib

Compared to the additional steps needed to get it built, this is not a big deal, so I am not sure it
justifies whacking on the build scripts.

VS2012, the studio, does not come with 64-bit support, even though the compilers are there,
so this is a glitch.

So, from the list to consider:

{ VS2010, VS2012, VS2012sp1} x {express, professional} x {32, 64} x {open, closed}

the results thus far are:

VS2012 x express x {32, 64} x closed = builds, runs

VS2012 x express x 32 x open = builds, runs (release and slowdebug)

VS2012 x express x 64 x open = blocked by initial inability to build 64-bit freetype

next step is to try VS2010 express to see if it still works.


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