Windows configure "issues"

David Chase at
Tue May 28 17:04:33 UTC 2013

Non-progress report with VS2010 - 

Tim Bell's patches, and perhaps the residual cruft from the "uninstalled" VS2012,
don't seem to be compatible with VS2010.  These look like patch problems, not
faulty uninstall problems, but I did need to do a by-hand removal of environment
variables referencing VS2012 (machine reboot was not sufficient).

The three problems encountered thus far:

1) patched system looks for msvcr110.dll, but (in system32 on Windows 7)
    only msvcr100.dll is available.

2) patched system expects that compiler will generate (in 32-bit mode) for "x86", not "80x86"

I tweaked my built to handle those two cases.  The latest failure I have not yet worked around:

3) Link complains about an extra argument _build_pch_file.obj when linking adlc .

Any hints as to how to deal with this last error are welcome.


On 2013-05-24, at 5:41 PM, David Chase < at> wrote:

> FYI, progress report.
> No additional changes to the build, but the instructions may require tweaking.
> Did manage successful builds without closed subdirectories, using VS2012 and DirectX 2010.
> Required installation+build of Freetype using instructions from Volker's blog, adapted slightly
> for updated activex and new build directory expectations.  Not sure what is the best plan here;
> the fix is all of 
> mkdir ../../../lib
> cp * ../../../lib
> Compared to the additional steps needed to get it built, this is not a big deal, so I am not sure it
> justifies whacking on the build scripts.
> VS2012, the studio, does not come with 64-bit support, even though the compilers are there,
> so this is a glitch.
> So, from the list to consider:
> { VS2010, VS2012, VS2012sp1} x {express, professional} x {32, 64} x {open, closed}
> the results thus far are:
> VS2012 x express x {32, 64} x closed = builds, runs
> VS2012 x express x 32 x open = builds, runs (release and slowdebug)
> VS2012 x express x 64 x open = blocked by initial inability to build 64-bit freetype
> next step is to try VS2010 express to see if it still works.
> David

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