Windows configure "issues"

David Chase at
Wed May 29 14:24:50 UTC 2013

On 2013-05-28, at 11:27 PM, Tim Bell <tim.bell at> wrote:
> Possibly - but I tried for several days to come up with a build configuration that worked for both VS 2010 and 2012.
> I ran out of time for that experiment.  Nice to have, but if we do not move to VS2012 with JDK8, we will have to wait until JDK9, so upgrading is where my focus must remain.
> Keep in mind that changing compilers on Windows[tm] also dictates a change in runtime (see above, msvcr110.dll versus msvcr100.dll). Such a change also affects JNI libraries built by any organization using that JDK.  Nothing good will happen if two runtime libraries exist in the same address space.  It may actually work for a while, but all bets are off.
> Tim

I think upgrading would be lovely.  Is there anything (testing, taking notes on build steps) that I can do to help?

Right now I am working with an Oracle-issue Windows 7 laptop, still running the "Express" editions, so I can do a plausible job of pretending to be an open, non-Oracle build.


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