RFR: 8039411 : Add environment variable support to fixpath

Tim Bell tim.bell at oracle.com
Tue Apr 8 15:10:43 UTC 2014

Hi Mike

Looks good - one thing to pick on is line 402 - I'd like to see what was 
in var if the setting fails.


On 04/08/14 08:35, Erik Joelsson wrote:
> Hello Mike,
> My C is a bit rusty, but I think it looks good in general. If you are 
> able to test it on mingw/msys I think that would be good since it's a 
> pretty big change.
> /Erik
> On 2014-04-07 23:53, Mike Duigou wrote:
>> Hello all;
>> Currently the fixpath utility used in windows builds expects that the 
>> first parameter it is passed will be the path of the executable. In 
>> some cases it's desirable to define environment variables which will 
>> apply during the execution of that executable. This change adds 
>> support for defining environment variables. The variables appear 
>> before the executable. Currently the command line parsing assumes 
>> that all arguments containing "=" before the command path are 
>> environment variables. (This precludes the executable having '=' in 
>> it's path, which is unlikely anyway).
>> The remainder of the changes were lint warnings suggested by Visual 
>> C. (mostly const)
>> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8039411
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~mduigou/JDK-8039411/0/webrev/
>> Mike

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