Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at oracle.com
Thu Apr 17 07:28:55 UTC 2014

(moving discussion to build-dev since this isn't directly part of the 
makefile rewrite project)

Hello Keith,

I certainly feel your pain in dealing with this, it's currently a mess. 
I'm not as opposed to the "ORACLEJDK" variable as David is, but I'm also 
not sure it will correctly express things in all current situations. In 
many cases, specific individual variables would probably make more 
sense. Also note that we have several references to OPENJDK in the 
Oracle closed makefiles that would need to be updated at the same time.

I agree that we need to move away from explicitly writing "src/closed". 
We should definitely move as much of the Oracle specific parts of the 
build to closed makefiles, even though it's sometimes tricky.

I don't think just having existence checks is enough. We do internally 
support the configure flag --enable-openjdk-only, which forces the build 
to ignore the non openjdk parts. It's not 100% functioning today, but I 
think it should be. This is also about consistency checking during the 
build. If parts of the build is optional just depending on existence of 
files, then a misspelled reference or other mistake can make those parts 
being silently excluded. At least for the common build 
scenarios/configurations I would like the build to know what needs to be 
built, which means we need explicit variables to control it.


On 2014-04-17 06:52, David Holmes wrote:
> Hi Keith,
> src/closed is Oracle's "custom source" location (hotspot calls it 
> alt_src). If we never saw src/closed in the makefiles, only 
> CUSTOM_SRC_DIR, and guarded with an existence test for a specific 
> directory/file, then that should address your problem. That would be a 
> first step in moving things to the custom makefiles where they belong.
> I'm opposed to the ORACLEJDK variable because I want to maintain the 
> pressure to get this fixed properly. If we hack around it then it will 
> never get cleaned up.
> I see 68 uses of src/closed across 14 files in the JDK repo. That 
> seems tractable.
> I think there are three things to be done here:
> 1. Replace all uses of src/closed with CUSTOM_SRC_DIR (similar to 
> CUSTOM_MAKE_DIR) which in turn is set via configure
> 2. Guard all uses of CUSTOM_SRC_DIR in open makefiles with an 
> existence check
> 3. Move all uses of CUSTOM_SRC_DIR to our closed makefiles
> Steps 1 and 2 can happen now. Step 3 is long term goal.
> ---
> The other problem I see with the OPENJDK, ORACLE_JDK, OTHER_JDK 
> approach is that you actually have to deal with the permutations. 
> Something currently flagged for OPENJDK really means !ORACLE_JDK - or 
> does it? It actually depends on what sources a given licensee has. 
> Even for your custom build you might want some OPENJDK items and not 
> others. I'm not sure there is a general solution, but using OPENJDK in 
> combination with CUSTOM_SRC_DIR is, I think, more flexible than trying 
> to define discrete variables that represent build "targets".
> David
> On 17/04/2014 1:31 PM, Keith McGuigan wrote:
>> On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 9:15 PM, David Holmes <david.holmes at oracle.com
>> <mailto:david.holmes at oracle.com>> wrote:
>>     Hi Keith,
>>     On 17/04/2014 7:13 AM, Keith McGuigan wrote:
>>         Hello,
>>         I just added a comment to this bug -- see there for the details,
>>         but in
>>         short I'd like to update a number of tests in the makefiles that
>>         check
>>         OPENJDK and change them to check instead of the inverse
>>         definition of some
>>         new variable, such as ORACLEJDK.
>>     Please no! It's bad enough this is implicitly in the build without
>>     making it explicit!
>> As I mentioned, I agree that moving all this to closed makefiles is the
>> best solution (and is something that we could push for even if we took
>> this partial step), but doing at least this step would be a vast
>> improvement from our point of view and is much easier to implement,
>> especially for someone like me who cannot do the make/closed 
>> refactoring.
>>     Would file existence tests suffice? There should be a CUSTOM_SRC
>>     variable for src/closed as there is CUSTOM_MAKE for make/closed.
>> It's not really feasible for the jdk makefiles.  Almost each location
>> where there is an OPENJDK test, when it is discovered that this isn't
>> OpenJDK, it ends up referring to files in src/closed (which for us don't
>> exist).  In Hotspot it's only a few makefiles, so not too bad there, but
>> jdk is a different story.
>> But really, there's three situations here, OpenJDK, OracleJDK, and
>> OtherJDK/custom, which can't be encoded using one boolean makefile
>> variable.  We really need at least one more here.  Why is ORACLEJDK so
>> abhorent?
>>         This would simply non-OpenJDK (i.e.,
>>         src/closed builds), non-Oracle builds for those who are making
>>         their own
>>         distributions using the src/closed mechanism.  As you can guess,
>>         that is
>>         something we are doing here at Twitter :)
>>     Hopefully you use src/custom (or whatever) not src/closed, as
>>     otherwise there's no way to tell the difference between our custom
>>     sources and yours.
>> The makefiles are already setup to use src/closed, so really that's the
>> most convenient way to add augmented sources to the build.  We'd very
>> much like to avoid changing mainline code to reduce the
>> maintenance/merge costs when things change.  I'm not sure it would help
>> even if we did use a custom directory instead of 'closed' though --
>> unless we went ahead and duplicated all of the 'closed' logic for
>> 'custom' (which again, would incur maintenance costs and is not
>> generally good engineering practice).
>> -- 
>> - Keith

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