mark.reinhold at oracle.com mark.reinhold at oracle.com
Thu Apr 24 16:43:19 UTC 2014

2014/4/22 21:23 -0700, kmcguigan at twitter.com:
> Yes, I did consider using some ifeq tricks like that -- but they are rather
> ugly and unreadable and have the same problem that you want to avoid:
> adding distribution-specific code into the open-source makefiles.
> My goal here is to have the public OpenJDK makefiles be in a state such
> that custom distribution code can be added (in make/closed, src/closed, or
> some such alternative location) without having to perform surgery on the
> Makefiles and maintain the private changes.  The mechanism is already in
> place,it's just some leftover OracleJDK that hasn't made it out of the open
> makefiles yet.  If we could just cordon that off somehow, then anyone could
> make a custom distribution by augmenting OpenJDK with 'closed' style
> repositories -- without having to maintain private, unrelated edits to jdk
> Makefiles.

I'm confused.

Even if we replace `ifndef OPENJDK` with `ifdef ORACLEJDK`, how does
this help you?  In those cases where you want an open Makefile to refer
to code in Twitter's internal src/closed directory aren't you still
going to have to create and maintain your own patches to the open

Just trying to understand the problem here ...

- Mark

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