Review for JDK-8055497: [infra] build failure when building bootcycle image

Erik Joelsson erik.joelsson at
Wed Aug 20 08:47:06 UTC 2014

Hello Mandy,

Thanks for providing a fix so quickly.

In Main.gmk, I have sorted dependency declarations into two different 
sections depending on if they should be active when an -only target is 
run or not. This is why no dependencies are declared together with the 
recipes. I will make a note to make this clearer in the comments.

Also, while declaring a dependency on exploded-image is not wrong, it's 
a bit course. It unnecessarily forces jar creation to wait for native 
compilation to be finished. The missing files are from the gendata step 
so that is all that has to be added to the dependency list for main-jars.

I will address this in JDK-8055188 for which I will hopefully post a 
review today.


On 2014-08-20 04:38, Mandy Chung wrote:
> Erik,
> I have a small patch fixing the missing dependency for building
> resources.jar.  Naoto has reviewed and verified this patch.  I'll
> go ahead and push it now.  You can adjust it later.   We should
> also check similar dependency is needed by other targets.
> Mandy
> $ diff --git a/make/Main.gmk b/make/Main.gmk
> --- a/make/Main.gmk
> +++ b/make/Main.gmk
> @@ -234,7 +234,8 @@
>      +($(CD) $(NASHORN_TOPDIR)/make && $(MAKE) $(MAKE_ARGS) -f 
> BuildNashorn.gmk all)
>  # Creates the jar files (rt.jar resources.jar etc)
> -main-jars:
> +# this depends on all modules built
> +main-jars: exploded-image
>      +($(CD) $(JDK_TOPDIR)/make && $(MAKE) $(MAKE_ARGS) -f 
> CreateJars.gmk)
>  # Creates the images (j2sdk-image j2re-image etc)

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