Build problems on Jenkins prototypes

Tim Bell tim.bell at
Thu Aug 21 15:12:18 UTC 2014

Eric McCorkle wrote:

> Any idea as to why they think they're on windows?
> On 08/21/14 09:22, Erik Joelsson wrote:
> The hotspot makefiles are trying to invoke nmake on linux? That looks
> really weird and I have not seen it before.
[ ... snip ...]

configure ran OK, and knew it was on a linux box.  Then:

> gmake all
> Running make as '/usr/bin/gmake -s VERBOSE=-s LOG_LEVEL=warn -R -I
> /scratch/jenkins/workspaces/jdk9/8M59VYK6V7NQ/OS/linux/arch/x86-64/make/common

There is not much to go on in the build log.

I suggest you try again with "VERBOSE=  LOG_LEVEL=debug" and then we can 
study that output.


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