8055855: "make profiles" failing due refactoring of java.awt.datatransfer

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Sun Aug 24 11:38:57 UTC 2014

It seems the profiles build has been broken in jdk9/dev since the last 
client->dev integration. We missed during the review of JDK-8037485 that 
the refactoring and the addition of sun.datatransfer would require an 
adjustment for the profiles build. The change is trivial to get profiles 
building again:

diff --git a/make/profile-rtjar-includes.txt 
--- a/make/profile-rtjar-includes.txt
+++ b/make/profile-rtjar-includes.txt
@@ -201,6 +201,7 @@
      sun/audio \
      sun/awt \
      sun/corba \
+    sun/datatransfer \
      sun/dc \
      sun/font \
      sun/java2d \

Once the modules work is further along then the profiles build should 
become trivial and the current fragile build rules and configuration 
should go away.


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