make(1) file structure design/usage docs ?

David Holmes david.holmes at
Fri Jul 11 11:56:52 UTC 2014

On 11/07/2014 9:36 PM, pointo1d wrote:
> TFT David ,
> On 11/07/14 06:01, David Holmes wrote:
>> On 11/07/2014 2:09 AM, pointo1d wrote:
>>> <snip>
>> Check earlier in the build log to see why the corba classes.jar didn't
>> get built.
> The corba fails to build because it seemingly can't find the most basic
> things ...
> ## Starting corba
> Compiling 6 files for BUILD_LOGUTIL
> /home/dpointo8/work/repos/Mercurial/ojdk8.datum/corba/src/share/classes/com/sun/tools/corba/se/logutil/
> error: cannot access Object
> public class InputException {
>         ^
>    class file for java.lang.Object not found
> I do wonder if the image being specified in the --with-import-hotspot &
> --with-boot-jdk options is lacking in some respect ... like the language
> fundamentals perhaps ? Is there a definition of the expected composition
> of any external hotspot &/or boot JDK ?

I don't know what the hotspot import requirements are as I've never used 
it. The boot JDK has to be a full JDK - the sanity check should ensure 
it meets the minimum version needed for what is being built.

>>> <snip>
>> This probably relates to the assumption that !OPENJDK == Oracle JDK.
>> Do your builds set OPENJDK or not? There was a long thread on this not
>> that long ago.
> They [my builds] didn't explicitly set OPENJDK, but having now done so
> (to both 'true' and then 'false' in turn), the outcome is unchanged.

Hmmm - if you don't set OPENJDK it will assume Oracle JDK behaviour but 
you won't have the Oracle specific files so weird things should happen.

BTW your build should default to OPENJDK unless you have to have defined 
things that look like the Oracle closed repos.

Can you back up a step and simply verify if you can build OPENJDK using 
only OpenJDK sources?


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