RFR 6997010: Consolidate java.security files into one file with modifications

Wang Weijun weijun.wang at oracle.com
Wed Jul 23 02:28:06 UTC 2014

Please review the code change at


The fix consolidates java.security-<platform> files into one with #ifdef directives.

There are several major changes:

1. Creation of file is moved from CopyFiles to GenerateData, since we are really generating something now. Said that, the source data is kept in src/share/lib/security instead of make/data. I am OK with moving it if anyone desires.

2. The new tool MakeJavaSecurity includes the function of old AddToRestrictedPkgs. MakeJavaSecurity includes a new argument to deal with the platform dependent entries. The restricted.pkgs argument is also changed from a list of entries to a file name, so that we can also support the same #ifdef mechanism inside restricted.pkgs.

3. The new consolidated java.security supports #ifdef and #ifndef. It is not necessary to support #else or (and|or) of multiple #ifdef's now.

4. *IMPORTANT*: In order to easily maintain platform-related entries, every line (including the last line) in package.access and package.definition MUST end with ',\' now. A blank line MUST exist after the last line. This avoid ugly lines like

#ifndef windows
#ifdef windows

The MakeJavaSecurity tool will strip the trailing ",\" from the last line to make the file exactly the same as before, although personally I don't think it's really necessary since the following empty line will terminate the entry automatically.


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