RFR: [9] 8043340 & 8043591: [macosx] Build system issues

David DeHaven david.dehaven at oracle.com
Mon Jun 2 16:23:41 UTC 2014

> Hello David,
> Looks pretty good. A couple of questions still:
> * Where is the AC_SUBST for SDKROOT?

Oops, that should've been after SDKROOT="$SYSROOT" in basics.m4.

> * Could we get the "Checking for Xcode sdk name" output to only print on macosx?

Can do.

> * Why remove MACOSX_VERSION_MIN=@MACOSX_VERSION_MIN@? I believe we still use this in some closed makefiles. Or is the idea that we instead will force the sdk name to 10.7? If so, then we need to still leave this in until every user (RE) has switched properly.

I moved all that to closed, it's in the internal review for those changes. The value is now set in custom-spec.gmk instead of spec.gmk. It was not used anywhere in OpenJDK that I could find. When deploy/install get revamped we can just remove it entirely, that'll be easier if it's in closed.

It's referenced in make/bsd/makefiles/gcc.make, but that entire block is skipped if spec.gmk exists (confirmed by throwing garbage in there), and it defaults to 10.7.0 anyways.

I have to do another iteration based on what Max found when only the command line tools are installed (no Xcode). Thankfully, it won't be too difficult to determine if Xcode is installed or not. The logic won't be terribly different. Basically XCODEBUILD might not be usable since if Xcode is not installed we will not be able to use it. The stub xcodebuild tool is installed with the OS and I can actually use the return code to detect if Xcode is present or not. Additionally, SYSROOT/SDKROOT will not be set as the CL tools install headers to the System frameworks directories. There are no SDKs installed so there is no other place to put them.


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