Adding hg version check to

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at
Tue Jun 17 21:35:31 UTC 2014

With the upgrade of the servers very old mercurial clients can no longer be used (0.9.5) and there have been persistent reports of more frequent connection failures. The older your mercurial client the more likely the failures are.

                jdk:   hg clone jdk
                jdk:   requesting all changes
                jdk:   adding changesets
                jdk:   adding manifests
                jdk:   transaction abort!
                jdk:   rollback completed
                jdk:   abort: stream ended unexpectedly (got 8372 bytes, expected 10932)

I would like to add a version check to which will require mercurial 1.5 or later and warn for clients older than 1.9. 

Seem reasonable?


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