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Wed Jun 25 09:51:34 UTC 2014

Hiya Mike ,

On 23/06/14 22:50, Mike Duigou wrote:
> Hello all;
> This is the changeset for the enhancement proposed last week. It adds version checks to script. Currently the script will abort if the Mercurial client is not found or is older than 1.5.0. If Mercurial client is older than 2.6.3 then a warning will be issued but the script will attempt to continue.
> webrev:
> jbsbug:
> Mike

Would the following (or similar) not help by way of improving 
readability (also incorporating the typo identified by Mikael)...

to_stderr() {
     echo "$@" >&2

error() {
     to_stderr "ERROR: $1"
     exit ${2:-126}

error "Could not locate Mercurial command"
error"Could not determine Mercurial version"
to_stderr "WARNING: Mercurial version $rqstmajor.$rqstminor.$rqstrev or later is recommended. $hgwhere is version $hgversion"

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