RFR(S) Solaris Full Debug Symbols (FDS) fix for 8033602 and 8034005

Daniel D. Daugherty daniel.daugherty at oracle.com
Tue Nov 11 00:00:41 UTC 2014


I have a Solaris Full Debug Symbols (FDS) fix ready for review.
Yes, it is a small fix, but it is in Makefiles so feel free to
run screaming from the room... :-)  On the plus side the fix does
delete two work around source files (Coleen would say that's a
Good Thing (TM)!)

The fix is to detect the version of GNU objcopy that is being
used on the machine and only enable Full Debug Symbols when that
version is 2.21.1 or newer. If you don't have the right version,
then the build drops back to pre-FDS build configs with a message
like this:

WARNING: /usr/sfw/bin/gobjcopy --version info:
WARNING: GNU objcopy 2.15
WARNING: an objcopy version of 2.21.1 or newer is needed to create valid 
.debuginfo files.
WARNING: ignoring above objcopy command.
WARNING: patch 149063-01 or newer contains the correct Solaris 10 SPARC 
WARNING: patch 149064-01 or newer contains the correct Solaris 10 X86 
WARNING: Solaris 11 Update 1 contains the correct version.
INFO: no objcopy cmd found so cannot create .debuginfo files.

This work is being tracked by the following bug IDs:

     JDK-8033602 wrong stabs data in libjvm.debuginfo on JDK 8 - SPARC

     JDK-8034005 cannot debug in synchronizer.o or objectMonitor.o on 
Solaris X86

Here is the webrev URL:



- JPRT test jobs to verify that the current JPRT Solaris hosts
   are happy
- local builds on my Solaris 10 X86 machine to verify that the
   wrong version of GNU objcopy is caught

Thanks, in advance, for any comments, questions or suggestions.


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